Texan Nut Sheller
Texan Nut Sheller

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About Texan Nut Sheller

      There are many different nutcrackers with many different styles ranging from just a few dollars up to $45,000. In Texas there is only one that has fit the bill since it was first produced. It originated and was patented as the York Nutcracker in 1945 by the late R.D. "Shorty" York, of San Angelo, Texas. The legend goes that he was watching a squirrel who had stolen
a pecan from the back yard peel the nut with his long, sharp front teeth. Shorty being a car body repairman and
mechanic quickly devised a pair of pliers with teeth to mimic the furry friend. The rest is history. 

     C. L. Harless began making and marketing the shellers in 1953. The business grew rather rapidly and was sold to Marlin Hahn in 1983. Hahn’s continued to market the nutcracker producing as much as 50,000 units in one season. They were shipped around the world and many of the very first models are still in use. Although the first units did not have replacement blades the current model has those blades and springs making it almost a lifetime purchase.  

     Pecans.com acquired Texan Nut Sheller in 2011. Pecans.com has been in the pecan growing, shelling and marketing business since 1972. It has been one of the larger marketing representatives of the now Texan Nut Sheller. Out of respect for the inventor, “York” is still on the advertising and promotional materials.  

     The Texan Nut Sheller can be found in many hardware stores, catalogs, and on-line stores, a true test to a product that has lasted over 50 years with almost no change in design. 

Pecans.com is dedicated to providing superior service to the customers who enjoy the use of the Texan Nut Sheller along with the growing list of products such as the Nuti-Budi Nutcracker, Baker Tool, Goodie Gitter, Inertia Nutcracker, and many other related items already offered on line and through the Pecans.com Retail Store. Visit on line at  www.pecans.com or email retail@pecans.com or come by to see us at 1020 West Front Street, Goldthwaite, Texas 76844 or call  1.800.4Pecans (473-2267).

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